The coaching here is good, really good. It’s incredible. And that’s something that I’ll never have to worry about with Coach Lamont. The level of respect I have for his program locally might be as high as I’ve ever witnessed for my 12 year old son. The success that Lamont has produced in a very short time has the teams consistently winning, competing, battling and working hard with core fundamentals and teamwork. Lamont’s coaching professionalism, philosophy and skill gets the best out of of the players and he has built a mutually trust that gets results. The players even approve. 
I am looking forward to the future with LSBA and the high quality basketball yet to come which is the direct result of high quality coaching. Coach Lamont won’t throw any sideline tantrums or get many technicals and you’ll never hear him take credit for a win, but often taking blame for a loss.
A good coach not only understands basketball, but knows and understands respect. Lamont has a way of getting his players to trust their decisions and his instruction. That kind of humble attitude is not coincidental and is contagious to all.

Wayne Ludlum

Coach Lamont has been great with my son and with our whole group of boys. He coaches every single one of them, no matter their initial skill level, with full effort, and you can see how much he cares about them as basketball players and as kids. He demands their attention and effort, but he does so in a way that they buy into the work needed to improve their skills and become better teammates.

Michael and Whitney Gomez

Thank you for sharing your wealth of knowledge with my son, Kannon. I’m so happy to see a trainer making him think and learn during sessions. As a high school and club ball coach I see a lot of trainers who throw out great drills, but don’t possess the ability to explain the “WHY” of the drill. When that happens players become robots and most of the time never have a clue as to when or how they should use the moves they have been taught and therefore they will never apply them in a real game situation. Not every parent will understand or appreciate your 20 plus years of D1 coaching experience, but it’s that experience that makes you and your sessions invaluable. Imagine not choosing a trainer who has coached, trained and mentored countless college, pro and NBA players to train your most prized possession…your kid. 

I will forever be grateful for everything you have done and continue to do for Kannon. I assure you, we have all seen tremendous growth in him both on and off the court. Straight A student and was named all tournament team in his last two events, including a tournament MVP.

Joe Seals